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Software Engineering


Marketing / Business

Data Science

The internship

A challenging 11 week program

4 days a week:

Experience how to get things done at a tech startup, by working closely with one of our portfolio companies.

1 day each week:

Get together with designers, engineers and business interns to learn what it takes to build innovative products from scratch, with hands-on training and mentorship from the Faber Ventures team.

Program Dates

Application Deadline

April 15

Program Start

July 2

Program End

Aug 31

What's in it for you?

Getting things done

Hands-on learning experience with our experts and portfolio companies on how to transform ideas into products.

Learning with diversity

Enrich your learning process and creativity by being exposed to different businesses and backgrounds.

Startup career insights

Get to know up-and-coming internet startups and how they can shape your near future, your career and life.

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Avenida da Liberdade, 230, 7th floor, 1250-148 Lisbon


Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Edifícios Centrais, Rua da Criatividade, 2510-216 Óbidos